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Our Mission

HRM Children’s Foundation (HRMCF) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting indigent children living in rural regions of the Province of Cebu in the Philippines. 


In these regions - famous for their physical beauty and rich indigenous culture - lack of education and opportunity, combined with malnutrition, poor health care, and lack of infrastructure, conspire against an increasingly vulnerable population - perpetuating a cycle of persistent poverty. 


Most families in the rural Philippines live in shacks without electricity or running water. They survive on subsistence farming - eating only what they can grow or find - the consequence of which is not only continued poverty but also appalling levels of hunger and malnutrition, especially among young children.  This difficult way of life, combined with  a  lack of education, employment opportunities, and limited access to health care, makes it a near certainty that the children who make it to adulthood will follow in the footsteps of their parents.  For the majority of children living in the rural areas of the Philippines, leading a healthy successful life is more than a difficult prospect - it is not even an option. 



HRM Children’s Foundation knows that all hope for breaking this vicious cycle of poverty begins and ends with the children.


HRMCF was established in 2009 to help poverty-stricken children in rural villages, providing them three meals a day, clothing; and separate housing for boys and girls equipped with running water, electricity and indoor bathrooms - luxuries to these children that we take for granted.  HRMCF also pays for the children’s' school related expenses including school supplies, uniforms and tuition. Without the support of HRMCF, these children would not be able to go to school and would be resigned to working along with their parents to help put food on the table. Despite their efforts, many of these children go to bed hungry.


It is the ultimate goal of the Foundation to ensure the children's education all the way through college by providing them full educational scholarships.  Not only does this give  the children the opportunity to create the better future they so desperately desire and deserve, but also provides them with the skills and knowledge to improve their communities and break the cycle. 

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